Sunday, June 17, 2012

3D Chess

This is my first 3D quilling project, chess!! Wanted to do it so badly but i only have a limited time so i bought a step by step manual on how to make it. It takes me few days to finish it and i really really really happy that now i have a complete set of 3D quilling chess. Will order a special display box for it later. Oh ya, you can use it to play chess like normal, it pretty stable after i put sealer on it. ^^

Ready for a battle??

Black team

White team

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Frame: InTouch

Got an order to do quilling frame and this is my first..wanted to do it before but never got chance (alasan!! hahah..) .. And ya, this girl ordered a frame to give to a volunteer (she call him as Mr. Chairman) who always go and help children who need helps & loves in Aceh & Siem Reap.. She requested to quill the logo of the organisation and wanted the frame to be simple but got class.....

Full view of the frame

Quilled inTouch logo

Wording that she requested to be printed

Simple frame decoration

Alhamdulillah, glad that she loves this frame very much.. Another satisfied customer.. Happy happy!! :)

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Card: 1st Anniversary

Salam everyone..
Remember this card? Traditional Malay Wedding Dress card.. This card was made for my friend, Ina last year for her wedding..Ina & husband both love this card, they even frame it!! So sweet and seriously i'm very touching & thankful to them..Really feel that my work has been appreciated. TQ my friend.. 

And their marriage is now one year old this month!! Congrats congrats.. To celebrate, my friend ordered an anniversary card for her husband.. She wants a simple n sweet card with a couple holding hand.. so, this is the card, check it out...
Sweet sweet.. It is a sweet card but i can feel romance in there.. Especially when they are facing each other while holding hand.. Aww, so romantic.. Hehehe..
p/s: since now 3tones Bawal is one of the famous hijab fashion in Malaysia, applied that in this card.. The lady wearing 3tones Bawal purple color.. ;)

Guestbook: Cool Earth

Tadaa!!! Here is another guestbook for my friend's wedding, Ann & Taufik.. Really like the name, "Cool Earth"..hee.. =)  Blue & chocolate can blend very well.. 

(Oh ya, for this time i did not stitch the guestbook myself, my time is limited.. Kak Asma' from Simple Rhyme  stitched for me.. You can also order from her.. Her stitches very neat.. And she do quilling guestbook as well.. My sifu.. hehe..)  

The flowers, still use beehive technique just add a line in the middle.. And this time, i use button (which is "stolen" from my mum's collection..hehe..) and pearls to make it perfect..Like it!!

And of course, this guestbook is not complete without bookmark!! This bookmark is a simple one but yet looks very nice.. See, when guestbook + bookmark = wow, it's perfect.. (syok sendiri..haha..)