Sunday, November 20, 2011

Card: 10 orders (part 1) bulk orders from my boss..4 thank you cards, 4 birthday cards, and 2 blank cards (can be for any occasion)..But since im working, only manage to make 5 cards as for now..lets chekidout!!..tada....

(Lady in Umbrella Card)
 This card is for her female cousin..She really loves this umbrella girl.. (^.^)

(Badminton Card)
This card for her male cousin..He likes to play badminton, so this card specially made for him..

(Blue Flowers Card)
 This sweet blue color card is for her auntie.. :)

(Saxophone + Wine Card)
And this, most challenging card is for her uncle..She said her uncle likes music and also wine (my boss is chinese btw)..So ya, i come out with this card..And she loves it..yeayy!!  

(Piano Card)
 This is one of the blank card made for her.. Awesome right? Me too, proud of myself..chewahh!! hehe.. But seriously, i like this the most..

These all the final products for her orders (batch 1)..