Monday, November 19, 2012

Card: Thank You Purple Green


Special order from my friend to show his deepest gratitude to his mentor. He truly appreciate and value everything he learned from his mentor and it will forever remain as a major contributor behind his success and achievements in his career.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Cards: Pattern Papers


Last Thursday, we, small group of paper crafters had a great gathering at Scrap n Crop, Kajang. Never been there before. My friends told me that i can go crazy if i go in, and it was true enough. When the door is open i was like, woahhh!! Amazing!! I can say the shop is like heaven for crafters, everything is everywhere. Full with carft supplies & craft tools, almost like there is no space for us to walk. Ok, i must get something from here before i go back later.

Ok, back to main agenda. We went into the room upstairs and start making card. I admire people who making card using scrapbook technique. Really want to learn that especially using pattern papers and play around with colours. Since the expert is here, and they bough a lot of pattern papers, ahah! perfect time to learn. Lets see card that i made that day

 Card 1: Err, my normal quilling card. hehe..

 Card 2: First try make card with pattern paper.

Card 3: Another one. But my distress technique still in the beginner level. huu..

Card 4: Final card. I am getting better & better right? oh, the roses made by k.miyyah, not me.. ^^

And yes, bough few pattern papers and establishments before i went back. Happy!!

Photo taken on that day. Photos credit to Nazirah Wahab

All of our cards

All of us

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Card: Bridal Shower

One of my colleague, Lily is getting married this month, so all the ladies in my office planned to make a so called bridal shower party to the bride to be. The theme is errr "Naughty & Nice" hehe and the dress code is pink white. As usual my job is to make a special card for her and we will fill it with marriage wishes/tips/advice.

And here is the card!!!!

Gorgeous quilling dress :)

After i compiled & sewed all wishes/tips/advice. 

P/s: That was my first time attending a bridal shower party. Quite fun & i enjoyed myself there. ^.^