Saturday, November 17, 2012

Cards: Pattern Papers


Last Thursday, we, small group of paper crafters had a great gathering at Scrap n Crop, Kajang. Never been there before. My friends told me that i can go crazy if i go in, and it was true enough. When the door is open i was like, woahhh!! Amazing!! I can say the shop is like heaven for crafters, everything is everywhere. Full with carft supplies & craft tools, almost like there is no space for us to walk. Ok, i must get something from here before i go back later.

Ok, back to main agenda. We went into the room upstairs and start making card. I admire people who making card using scrapbook technique. Really want to learn that especially using pattern papers and play around with colours. Since the expert is here, and they bough a lot of pattern papers, ahah! perfect time to learn. Lets see card that i made that day

 Card 1: Err, my normal quilling card. hehe..

 Card 2: First try make card with pattern paper.

Card 3: Another one. But my distress technique still in the beginner level. huu..

Card 4: Final card. I am getting better & better right? oh, the roses made by k.miyyah, not me.. ^^

And yes, bough few pattern papers and establishments before i went back. Happy!!

Photo taken on that day. Photos credit to Nazirah Wahab

All of our cards

All of us

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