Sunday, November 4, 2012

Card: Bridal Shower

One of my colleague, Lily is getting married this month, so all the ladies in my office planned to make a so called bridal shower party to the bride to be. The theme is errr "Naughty & Nice" hehe and the dress code is pink white. As usual my job is to make a special card for her and we will fill it with marriage wishes/tips/advice.

And here is the card!!!!

Gorgeous quilling dress :)

After i compiled & sewed all wishes/tips/advice. 

P/s: That was my first time attending a bridal shower party. Quite fun & i enjoyed myself there. ^.^


  1. cantiknya.... suka la dress tu

  2. Kan kan..saya pn suka sgt part dress tu..hee..thank you.. :)