Sunday, February 26, 2012

Card: Instant Card :)

Why i call it instant card? Because.... It is the day where i was making an iphone card, my mom came in to my room and say she's going to PD at 2pm. Then she saw me making a card, and straight away asking me make one birthday card for her boss. It was already 12.30pm and she want it by 2pm?? Wow!! How am i going to make one? Looking around my messy table with a blur face, then.... Yeayy, found extra flowers from my previous guestbook project. Fuihhh!! My savior for that day. Quickly make the swirl and stamp "happy birthday" on a paper. And.... Done!! Wah, the fastest time ever. hehehe..

Card: iPhone

This card made for my friend's colleague farewell. Both of them working as a nurse but my friend said he likes anything related to gadget. So i decided to make an iphone card since he is an "Apple" product user. I designed it like you are looking to a photo from gallery. And i tried to put hospital/nurse element inside there. So this is how it look..
 And this is a close-up view of a "happy" word with stethoscope as a letter "y". I like the outcome. Nice right? (^o^)

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Guestbook: Purple Forest

Finally, successfully completed one guestbook with purple as a theme color. This book stitched using Japanese bookbinding technique. It is different from  Kettle Stitch & Coptic Stitch.
And also, I found out new quilling technique call "The Beehive" from Kak Lin from Lin Handmade Greeting Card. It was so great to learnt new technique to make flowers. And it is so beautiful. Look at this (picture below), great isn't it? Like it so much..

Then, recently i keep searching about chinese knot. There are different different types of chinese knot. Wanted to learn all, but decided to try this first. It called "Goodluck Knot". Not that hard to do actually. Try it, its fun. You can use it as a bookmark for your guestbook.. :)
Next stage, you combine the knot with beads and tassel. Excellent, it just too perfect. Gorgeous right?
This is how it look like after u put inside your guestbook.