Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Card: Mommy To Be

My lady boss is going to deliver her first child soon. We are going to miss her as she is now resting at home and will be away from office for few months. So last Sunday we had a surprise mini baby shower party at her house. While she & her husband out for church, we sneaked into her house (with the help of her husband & her brother), quickly decorating her house and hiding behind the sofa waiting for them to come back. 

They went back home after few minutes. When she open the door, we let her figure it out what happen first but the funny thing is the first thing she thought is her house being broken into by robbers. Haha.. Ok la, we can't hold our laugh anymore, we came out and shout "surprise!!" softly (afraid she will get shock and harm the baby. hehe..). She was very touched and happy to see us. ^.^

I was assigned to make a card for her. She is expecting to deliver a pair, boy & girl twin baby, i have chosen soft blue-pink as a theme color. Normal color for a baby card la a, blue for baby boy & pink for baby girl. Here is the outcome. My boss really love this card. ;0)

Really like the swirl and of course the quilled pregnant lady. I think this is why i like quilling, its turn out very nice.  


  1. Sooooooo lovely!!!! very imaginative!!!

  2. Very cute and creative!!
    Nati from Brazil

  3. Попаднах на Вашия блог.Много ми харесаха нещата ,които сте направили!Поздрави!

  4. I saw your blog.Mnogo I liked what you've done! Greetings!

    1. Hi Neli, thanks.. Me too, loved all cards you,ve made..sweet n gorgeous! thumbs up! :)

  5. cantik..terbentuk je preggy mom tu..hehe