Saturday, September 29, 2012

Card: Gifts Train

Hello Everyone!!!

After a long rest from card making, now i'm back on track!! Welcome back to me!! :)

Got an order from a really nice & romantic husband and father. His wife and 2 years old son has a same birthday date. So he wants a really special card for them. He specially requested to put a bouquet of roses as it is for his wife AND the card must be colorful because his son like colors. All that in ONE card. Wow!! How i am suppose to combine it all in one card. I think really hard to design this card. Lastly i come out with the idea of doing a train with two coaches. One for the wife and another one for the little boy.

Tada!!! Beautiful isn't it!! Hehe!! Enjoy the photo..

Quilling Birthday Card

I like this the most. Full of romantic atmosphere. :)

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