Monday, December 31, 2012

3D Quilling Chocolate

Hey hi,

Just came back from my company's year end party at Barbera Cafe. It was a unique bungalow with indoor dining and open air spaces. A day before party, we have been told that there will be a gift exchange session and each of us must prepare something unique and cannot be less than RM10. I really cracked my head on what to buy for that event. It was hard because we don't know who will be receiving our gift later, girl or guy, kid or adult? So must prepare something general but unique?? Hmmmm.

So, chocolate is a common and general gift that i can think of. Girl or guy, kid or adult, they all like to eat chocolate. But how to make it unique? TING!! Aha!! Quilling!! That's right, quilling chocolate. Good idea. Normally when we received very nice,cute and pretty chocolate, people will say "Its so pretty. I don't want to eat this." But real food will get expired if you don't eat it. So, with quilling version, you can keep it forever and it will stay the same. And as it is handmade craft, definitely it will be more than RM10. *wink*

p/s: I actually went to bakery shop just to get the chocolate box..hehe.. ^^



So, who is the lucky person that received my gift??? Its him! Specky hansome guy wearing black shirt (third from right). His name is Timothy and he like it so much. He said very unique and hard to find outside. Glad to hear that. ^^


  1. Wow! So sweeet!!! Beautiful, and your birthday cards below are awesome! Regards!